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About Western Environmental

Local Expertise

The regulatory and approvals environment in each state can be complicated and requires experience to navigate successfully. Western Environmental staff have significant career experience working not only as consultants, but in private industry and with environmental regulators. This breadth of experience has resulted in a proven track record in navigating these processes and providing high quality strategic advice to our clients.

The physical environment across Australia is as unique as it is diverse. High quality outcomes are dependent upon strong technical knowledge of the local environment and environmental processes. Combining local experience across key technical disciplines in every location we offer our services, Western Environmental ensure that we deliver innovative and practical solutions that are fit for purpose.

Practical Solutions

Western Environmental are committed to client-focussed solutions rather than a “one-size-fits-all” approach to project delivery. Knowledge and expertise are successfully merged with client needs and expectations, resulting in practical, tailored solutions that meet project objectives within agreed budgets and expected timelines.

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