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Western Environmental embraces the philosophy that focussing on Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) is essential for the success of our business. Our aim is to manage our activities in a sustainable manner with respect to our workforce, our communities and the environment, while providing high quality services.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

The Western Environmental Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) management system and supporting policy identifies our key health and safety goals and objectives to create and maintain a healthy and safe work environment for all people. Our key goals are zero lost-time injuries and occupational illnesses, which has successfully been achieved since the company began in 2011.

Western Environmental proactively manages and monitors safety through all its work practices and places the utmost importance on ensuring its staff are trained and competent. As a valued client or contractor, you can trust we will meet your needs safely and reliably. With our certified AS4801 OHS management system, you will benefit from:

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Download our AS4801:2001 Certificate

Quality Management

At Western Environmental, quality is intrinsic to our business and is present in everything we do. Quality is integrated, along with risk management, safety, and environmental management, at all project stages. Our Quality Policy identifies our key quality management objectives and our Quality Manual provides a roadmap for our Quality Management System (QMS). This QMS provides guidance to our team of professionals, so that clients receive deliverables:

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Environmental Management

The Western Environmental Environment and Sustainability Policy identifies our key environment and sustainability objectives, with our Environmental Management Manual providing structure for execution of project work to prevent, control and abate pollution and environmental harm, for the conservation, preservation, protection, enhancement and management of the environment.

This Manual provides management guidance and environmental performance standards for all environmental aspects and risks at our operations and ensures that these risks are mitigated as low as reasonably practicable. Our Environmental Management System (EMS) includes our Environment and Sustainability Procedures and Cultural Heritage Management Procedure, which minimises the potential impact of our activities on sensitive environmental and heritage receptors.

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