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With a strong internal focus on being an Employer of Choice, Western Environmental has developed a well-respected reputation, and our people are known for providing high-quality outcomes tailored to our client’s needs. Our large team, based over two offices in Perth and Melbourne have the benefit of pooling their knowledge base and share the support of the Senior Environmental team.


James Gibson



James is a Certified Environmental Practitioner with extensive experience in technical and strategic project assessment, and environmental practice management.

After spending his early career working for the environmental regulator, James entered into specialist environmental consultancy in 2007. Over this period, he has worked as both a Project Director and Technical Lead, successfully delivering a vast array of projects across the infrastructure, construction and land development sectors. In addition, James has been engaged to provide strategic client-advice and technical peer review of consultant reports. James has been involved in many iconic projects, including Perth Arena, Perth City Link, Perth Stadium, Elizabeth Quay and Forrestfield Airport Link.

James co-founded Western Environmental in 2011 and performed the role of Business Development Manager until 2015, when he was promoted to Managing Director. During his tenure as a Director, the company has grown from humble beginnings to a multidisciplinary specialist consultancy with a staff of more than twenty environmental professionals in Perth and around Australia.

James is a member of Environmental Health Australia (EHA) and the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ), where he held an Executive position on the committee from 2009 – 2016. James is also a Certified Environmental Practitioner, having attained certification in 2015 (CEnvP #0787).

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John Massie



John has extensive experience in the diagnosis and remediation of contaminated land. Project work has included both preliminary and detailed site investigations, quantitative health and ecological risk assessments, as well as remediation of a broad range of contaminants in soil and groundwater.

John has gained valuable experience in many large-scale investigation and remediation projects on a variety of sites with complex legacies of historic contamination, including those used for the production and refining of petroleum hydrocarbons (most notably Shellhaven in Essex, UK), retail petroleum sites, manufactured gas plants (MGPs), Ministry of Defence (MOD) facilities (these include sites with a range of contaminants of concern including organic, inorganic, radiological and explosive/chemical ordnance), mining facilities, landfills, power generation and transport facilities.

John is also skilled in a wide range of analytical methods commonly used for the analysis of ecological materials gained during his time as a postgraduate research assistant at the world-renowned James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen, UK and the University of Aberdeen, UK.

John is a certified professional soil scientist (CPSS), with certification from Soil Science Australia (SSA) in 2017. John is also a member of the Australian Land and Groundwater (ALGA) Risk Assessment Special Interest Group (RASIG).

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Tracey Jones



Tracey is an accomplished delivery assurance manager with an extensive background within professional service firms including; administration, accounts, auditing, quality assurance, health and safety, environmental management and training.

As the Administrative Services Manager Tracey is responsible for managing the administration of the company so that the staff can continue to provide the highest quality of service to our clients.

With many years of internal auditing and quality systems experience and a diploma in quality auditing Tracey is also the Quality Systems Manager where she is responsible for encouraging, driving and managing a strong, active project delivery assurance culture at the team level to ensure continuous improvement and that projects are performed in accordance with appropriate standards and procedures.

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Tim Craine



Tim is a highly capable Scientist and Manager, with international experience across the engineering and environment sectors in Europe, complementing his long tenure in Australia.

Tim spent his early career as a geotechnical site investigation specialist in the UK, before branching into environmental site assessment, conducting and reporting on site investigations for soil, ground gas, groundwater and asbestos. Since arriving in Western Australia 2008, Tim has been involved in a broad range of projects in the industrial, minerals and energy, infrastructure, and land development sectors. Tim’s depth of experience has provided him with a diverse skill set which he has successfully applied to a wide range of environmental projects. He also has an excellent understanding of State and Commonwealth legislation and policies used in the Environmental and Resource sectors.

Tim joined Western Environmental in 2012 and since that time he has focussed on project delivery, as well as a range of responsibilities as part of the Senior Management Team, including mentoring junior members of staff and managing the contaminated land business unit.

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An experienced senior scientist with post-graduate qualifications, Benjamin has an excellent understanding of client needs and project requirements.

Benjamin joined Western Environmental in 2012 and has been involved in all major projects undertaken at the company during this time, providing him with a strong technical skillset in contaminated land assessment and remediation, acid sulfate soils assessment and management and asbestos / hazardous materials. Ben has also been involved in several specialist projects, including those involving PFAS and major infrastructure construction.

Completing his Masters’ degree while working full-time has afforded Benjamin the opportunity to develop advanced time management and project delivery skills, as well as the ability to quickly identify project objectives and determine the most efficient and cost-effective solution for his clients.

Benjamin is based in the Melbourne office and oversees the development of new business in Victoria and New South Wales.

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Michelle North



Michelle is a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) with extensive experience managing the environment approvals and assessment of major minerals and infrastructure projects in the public and private sector.

Michelle has managed the planning, procurement and delivery of high-risk environmental projects and a diverse range of infrastructure and construction projects. Her skillset includes Environmental Impact Assessment, preparation and execution of environmental management plans, obtaining environmental approvals, project management, contract management and managing multi-disciplinary teams to deliver large scale projects.

In addition to her role as Principal Environmental Engineer, Michelle is also responsible for the management of the company’s OHSE system.

Michelle obtained her Chartered Professional Engineering status from Engineers Australia in 2008 and is listed on the National Professional Engineers Register (NPER).

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Jackie Cox

B.Sc (Hons)


Jackie is an experienced environmental professional with expertise in asbestos, occupational, health and safety, air quality, hazardous materials, contaminated sites and acid sulfate soil assessments throughout Australia.

Jackie has managed numerous environmental investigations throughout the minerals and energy, infrastructure, industry, land development and agricultural sectors, and has an in-depth understanding of, and particular expertise in, the monitoring, investigation, management and remediation of asbestos in accordance with the Department of Health, National Occupational Health and Safety Commission and SafeWork Australia guidance.

Jackie has delivered a significant number of projects through the Contaminated Sites Audit process and has established relationships with regulatory agencies and Contaminated Sites Auditors to ensure efficient, cost effective management of projects in quick timeframes. Her experience has included contamination assessments of groundwater, surface water, soil and sediment, soil vapour, air quality, asbestos investigations and management through to human health and ecological risk assessments to support the management and remediation of contaminated sites.

As part of the Senior Management Team, Jackie plays an integral role in the strategic direction of the company, as well as managing the asbestos and hazmat team.

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Anna Valikovs


Senior Environmental Consultant / Project Manager

Anna is a proficient and skilled environmental project manager with experience encompassing the mining, industry and land development sectors.

Anna began her career in consulting in 2005 predominantly working on hydrogeological investigations within the Goldfields region of Western Australia, before focussing on contaminated land management. Her experience has included contamination assessments and remediation of groundwater, surface water, soil and sediment, as well as asbestos investigations and management.

Anna has extensive experience with the Contaminated Sites Audit process and has been involved in numerous projects requiring contamination assessments for clearance of planning conditions, approvals, clean-up notifications or site reclassification.

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Phillip Brand



Philip is a proficient and skilled environmental project manager with experience in acid sulfate soils assessment and management, and site contamination assessment and management.

Philip is a proficient and skilled environmental project manager with experience in acid sulfate soils assessment and management, and site contamination assessment and management.

Phillip has worked his entire career in consulting, starting on 2008 where he was responsible for environmental impact assessments across the land development and mining sectors. In the years since, he has focussed his skillset on acid sulfate soils and site contamination.

Since joining Western Environmental in 2016, Phillip has been appointed to the role of ASS Project Director, where he oversees delivery all ASS projects within the company. Phillip also co-ordinates the delivery of several ongoing major infrastructure projects.

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Ashley Sheardown

Principal Environmental Scientist

Ashley is an accomplished environmental consultant who started working in the environmental sector in 2003. He has worked on diverse range of projects and consequently has a very strong understanding of the guideline, policy and legislative framework covering a wide range of environmental issues.

Ashley was employed at the WA Department of Environment, Regulation Branch, National Pollutant Inventory in the earlier part of his career. In this role he focused on the collection and audit of emissions data from industry reporters, audit of industrial facilities, the provision of NPI reporting training and support to the sector, and ultimately the publication of the state’s industrial emissions data to the NPI website.

Ashley has worked in the environmental consulting industry since 2006. Ashley has a diverse technical understanding spanning many areas of the environmental sector, including contaminated land assessment and remediation, dust and air quality monitoring and management, hazardous materials assessment and management, environmental due diligence, environmental licensing and approvals, and compliance reporting. His work has typically been in the industrial, government and land development sectors; working closely with clients, liaising and negotiating with regulatory authorities on their behalf to achieve high quality outcomes.

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Cameron has extensive experience in the management of asbestos and hazardous materials, from undertaking building surveys through to contaminated site investigations.

Cameron’s depth of experience extends from the requirements of national Health and Safety Legislation through to state guidance on the assessment and management of asbestos. He is a Licensed Asbestos Assessor specialising in asbestos surveys, inspection of infrastructure, asbestos site investigations, clearance inspections and the preparation of asbestos demolition / removal scopes and management plans. Cameron is experienced in undertaking airborne fibre monitoring associated with asbestos removal and remediation work. He is able to determine the appropriate air monitoring requirements for each scenario to be able to manage the associated risks.

Cameron’s understanding of the Occupational, Health and Safety setting associated with asbestos and hazardous materials allows the contamination potential associated with asbestos removal, demolition and remediation works to be effectively managed as part of the holistic contaminated sites staged investigation process.

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