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New Perth Stadium

Forrestfield Airport Link

Elizabeth Quay

Perth Airport

Osprey Waters

Residential Development Landfill Remediation

The New Perth Stadium is a major project being undertaken by the State Government of Western Australia which will deliver a new sporting venue and supporting infrastructure. WEPL has been involved in the project since commencement, and has been engaged by multiple parties to provide various services and expertise to facilitate delivery.

The project location is a former landfill, cement and asbestos product manufacturing site, located immediately adjacent to the Swan River near the Perth CBD. The site is contaminated, contains ASS and is in close proximity to several sensitive human and environmental receptors, requiring diligent and innovative environmental assessment and management to meet project delivery objectives.

The following is a brief description of our involvement with various clients on this iconic West Australian project.

Ertech Keller Joint Venture – Stadium Site Forward Works Remediation

  • Contaminant hydrochemistry consulting, treatment methodology and system design
  • Fabrication and commissioning of groundwater treatment system
  • Ongoing management and maintenance of treatment system
  • Groundwater and discharge water compliance monitoring and reporting, database management
  • Waste material assessment, volume minimisation and disposal.

Public Transport Authority – Client-side Expert Technical Advisor

  • Review of contractor and consultant investigations and management plans
  • Audit of contractor performance, compliance inspections
  • Expert technical advice for contamination and acid sulfate soils
  • Preparation of project-wide spoil management framework and regulatory approval applications
  • Fast response site assessment (investigations, analysis, reporting, advice)
  • Preparation of project-wide Environmental Closure Report

Lend Lease – Train Station Site Forward Works

  • Review of contractor datasets and reporting
  • Waste material classification and offsite disposal assessment
  • Offsite investigations and assessment for material re-use

Water Corporation of WA (RCR Water) – DN700 Stadium Water Main Installation

  • Detailed Site Investigation along main route
  • Material characterisation assessment for disposal, design input minimise disposal costs
  • Preparation of Asbestos Management Plan
  • Administering AMP during site works (contractor supervision, advice)
  • Asbestos fibre in air monitoring programme
  • Compliance and Closure Reporting

Main Roads Western Australia (Keslake Engineering) – Victoria Park Drive Duplication

  • Review of Construction Environmental Management Plan
  • Setup of Environmental Management System
  • Full-time onsite Environmental Advisor to administer EMS
  • Construction environmental monitoring (asbestos, air quality, landfill gas, groundwater, surface water, material characterisation, ASS testing)
  • Monthly Compliance Reporting and Project Closure Report

The Forrestfield Airport Link project is the largest public infrastructure project in Western Australia. The project includes 9km of twin underground tunnels and associated dive structures, three Stations and four emergency egress shafts along with a connection to existing rail infrastructure.

The site spans both federal and state jurisdictions, various land uses, and sensitive ecological and human populations. The project delivery requirements have a high level of complexity and require not only specialist technical skills, but exceptional liaison and management skills to effectively interface with multiple stakeholders.

Western Environmental was appointed to the project as the Public Transport Authority’s lead environmental consultant for contamination, ASS and dewatering in 2015. Over the intervening period, a significant amount of project work has been undertaken on behalf of PTA, including:

  • Site investigations to facilitate acquisition and re-use
  • Site-wide detailed surface and groundwater investigations
  • Site-wide detailed soil investigations
  • Site Specific (Tier 3) quantitative risk assessment
  • Secondment into PTA to develop project spoil management strategy
  • Forrestfield Station and Dive Structure Remedial Action Plan
  • Forrestfield Station and Dive Structure Remediation supervision and project management
  • Airport West Forward Works site investigation
  • Airport West Forward Works spoil and dewatering management plan
  • Obtaining licenses and permits
  • Ongoing monitoring and management of soil, surface water, groundwater and dewatering during construction
  • Spoil and Dewatering Close-out Reporting
  • Stakeholder and regulator consultation and negotiation

In addition to work carried out for PTA, Western Environmental has been engaged by other parties in various roles related to the project, including:

  • Technical advice regarding emerging contaminant assessment and management
  • Peer Review and approval of third party documents (investigations and management plans)
  • Contractor compliance auditing and advice

Elizabeth Quay is an iconic renewal project in the heart of the Perth Central Business District. Combining the excavation and construction of the quay itself, an island, bridge supporting public transport services and amenities, plus 10 private development sites, the project has revitalised the Perth riverside precinct. With quay construction now complete and the development lots sold to private developers, the next phase of development is now bringing this precinct to life.

Western Environmental has secured the role of lead environmental consultant on all major redevelopment projects that have been undertaken at Elizabeth Quay to date, including:

  • Hilton Doubletree Hotel (SKS Builders)
  • Ritz Carlton Hotel and “The Towers” Residential Development (Probuild)
  • Perth Plus High-Rise Development (Brookfield)

The site is highly complex from an environmental perspective, with contamination, ASS and dewatering all being prominent issues within a high profile, iconic development area. In addition to this, the site is located within an ecologically sensitive area subject to potential impact during construction. These constraints require innovative management strategies to overcome various issues, and successfully deliver projects. Western Environmental has provided the following services on these projects:

  • Tender Stage Strategic Environmental Constraint Analysis
  • Strategic advice and input for basement design and construction methodology
  • Preliminary and Detailed Site Investigations for soil and groundwater
  • Waste Characterisation assessment and Spoil Disposal Strategy
  • Preparation of documentation to satisfy planning approvals
  • Apply and obtain all environmental approvals, permits and licences
  • Dewatering Management Plan and Discharge Disposal Strategy
  • Acid Sulfate Soils Management Plan and
  • Contaminated Spoil Management Plan
  • Dust and Air Quality Management Plan
  • Design of dewatering discharge treatment system to meet stringent discharge requirements
  • Client-side advice and review for sub-contractor procurement
  • Compliance monitoring during construction (spoil, ground and surface water, discharge, dust, air quality)
  • Closure Reporting and final approvals

Western Environmental has been a preferred supplier of environmental services at Perth Airport since 2011. We are OHSE pre-qualified to undertake airside and landside works, and have been involved in more than 50 projects on the airport estate during this period. Our project experience ranges from site assessments through to remediation exercises, management of construction projects and providing expert and strategic advice on the delivery of projects.

We are intimately familiar with operational requirements within federal airports, OSHEQ requirements, the permitting and approval process for works to be undertaken, and the various environmental regulations and approvals processes at an airport corporation and federal (DIRD) level.

We provide our expert consulting services to Perth Airport Pty Ltd and also to contractors, builders, consultants and tenants active within the airport estate. The following is a summary of the projects we have undertaken for various clients:

  • Expert PFAS consultancy services
  • Expert third party Dewatering Management Plan review, and development of strategic DMP assessment procedure
  • T1/T2 carpark asbestos assessment and remediation QANTAS T3 construction works
  • Virgin Pier (T1) fuel line remediation
  • T3 Powerhouse refurbishment
  • T3/T4 Apron remedial works
  • Airport Drive remediation and construction management
  • Airport West Precinct remediation and construction management
  • ACTLabs site assessment and groundwater remediation
  • Helicopters Australia aviation spill response and remediation
  • PAPL Engineering Building asbestos assessment and air monitoring
  • Siemens Airport South site investigation
  • RAC Airport East site investigation
  • Toll site assessment and management
  • Swan Taxi depot site assessment and remediation

The Osprey Waters Development by Mirvac was awarded the prestigious Urban Development Institute of Australia Award for Environmental Excellence at both a State and National level in 2016. Western Environmental have been part of the consulting team responsible for delivering this project since 2013

The site is located within a high ASS risk area on the fringes of the Mandurah Estuary. Groundwater beneath the site is shallow and required service installation was deep, resulting in significant potential for ASS disturbance, requiring management.

Western Environmental were responsible for assessment and management of construction at the site, to achieve DWER approval for clearance of development conditions. We successfully undertook detailed site investigations and prepared a management plan that gained approval by the DWER. Detailed modelling of groundwater conditions and innovative management approaches were required to address significant acidification risk.

The DWER and local government authorities closely scrutinised site operations including multiple site visits and independent testing to ensure compliance. DWER approved the ongoing management of the site against key performance criteria.

An innovative management approach to dewatering and recharge was employed to handle large quantities of water so that acidification risk was minimised (recharge trenching) and salinity risk to retained trees was minimised (recharge flow diversion during abstraction of dewater with elevated EC, detailed monitoring regime to assess impacts).

An innovative monitoring programme was devised which included down-bore telemetry and instrumentation collecting data on 2 hourly intervals for the duration of the project. This data collection resolution was necessary in order to accurately monitoring delicately balanced and constantly changing water level and quality parameters, to provide advanced notice of changing conditions, facilitating best practise management.

Western Environmental provided the following services for the project:

  • Acid Sulfate Soil Investigation
  • Acid Sulfate Soils Management Plan
  • Detailed Groundwater Model
  • Development of innovative dewatering management strategy
  • Liaison with regulators to obtain approval
  • Ongoing monitoring of soil, groundwater and dewatering during construction
  • Preparation of Closure Reports

The site had been subject to uncontrolled filling since the late 1970’s which has resulted in concerns over potential contamination risks ahead of facility expansion. Western Environmental was engaged by the client to undertake assessment and remediation of the site to achieve DWER and DoH approval ahead of development.

The site is located in a low-lying location in close proximity to sensitive surface water bodies and sensitive human receptors. A broad range of potential contaminants were present, including hydrocarbons, metals, pesticides, volatile organics and asbestos, as well as the potential for landfill gas generation in uncontrolled fill.

Western Environmental successfully delivered the project in a very short timeline to comply with client expectations and construction schedules. The project was completed from inception to the issue of final approvals within eight months.

The development of an innovative remedial plan, involving engineering a containment cell for contaminated material, was employed. This resulted in enhanced environmental sustainability through waste minimisation and adequate protection of sensitive receptors, as well as saving the client a significant amount in potential remedial costs.

Western Environmental provided the following services for the project:

  • Acid Sulfate Soil Investigation and Management Plan
  • Preliminary Site Investigation
  • Sampling, Analysis and Quality Plan
  • Detailed Site Investigation
  • Site Management Plan
  • Dust and Air Quality Management Plan
  • Development of innovative remedial strategy
  • Remedial Action Plan
  • Community consultation strategy
  • Supervision of remediation / validation exercise
  • Remediation and Validation Report
  • Liaison with regulators to obtain approval