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Our range of assessment services are delivered by highly qualified and industry-recognised experts, which ensures time and cost-effective assessment of your project. Our services include:

  • Due diligence assessment for purchase or sale
  • Feasibility assessment / design and contaminated sites strategic planning
  • Staged contaminated site investigations, including:
    • Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI).
    • Sampling and Analysis Quality Plans (SAQP).
    • Detailed Site Investigations (DSI).
    • Asbestos and hazardous materials assessment and management
  • Field investigations (planning/design, OHS and sub-contractor management)
  • Field and laboratory testing of soil, sediment, ground- and surface water, waste, air and gas
  • Expert interpretation of field and laboratory data
  • Conceptual Site Modelling
  • Human Health Risk Assessment
  • Ecological Risk Assessment
  • Project management and multi-disciplinary delivery team integration
  • Regulator, stakeholder and community consultation

Our range of remediation services include:

  • Remedial design, planning and analysis
  • Remedial Action Plans (RAP)
  • Site Management Plans (SMP)
  • Dust and Air Quality Management Plans (DAQMP)
  • Remediation and Validation Reports (RAV)
  • Remediation contractor selection and procurement
  • Supervision and audit of contractor’s performance during site works
  • Soil, sediment, water, occupational and ambient air quality compliance monitoring
  • Validation assessment

Contam-Assess_HC-remediation Contam-Assess_PAPL Contam-Assess_Remediation Contam-Assess_Treatment-Plant

HazMat_Bagging-Asbestos HazMat_Testing HazMat_xmas-island-building

Our people hold the following nationally recognized accreditations:

  • Class A Asbestos Assessor
  • CPCCBC5014A Conduct Asbestos Assessment Associated with Removal
  • CPCCBC4051A Supervise Asbestos Removal
  • CPCCDE3014A Remove non-friable asbestos

Western Environmental can undertake all aspects of asbestos and hazardous materials assessment and management, including:

  • Due diligence assessments to comply with current asbestos related legislation
  • Asbestos in soil investigations management and remediation
  • Asbestos and hazardous materials in infrastructure surveys
  • Laboratory Analysis of bulk potential ACM and asbestos in soils
  • Airborne asbestos fibre monitoring
  • Preparation of asbestos/hazmat registers and management plans
  • Annual compliance review of registers and management plans

As holders of a Restricted Asbestos Removal Licence No. WARA2091, the team of experts at Western Environmental can manage asbestos removal and remediation programmes from start to finish, including:

  • Preparation of asbestos removal specifications in accordance with the relevant state Codes of Practice
  • Development of Asbestos Removal Control Plans, Job Safety Analysis and Safe Work Method Statements
  • Management of removal of asbestos from within buildings or on contaminated sites
  • Procurement and management of subcontractors
  • Airborne asbestos fibre compliance monitoring during works
  • Waste classification and material disposal
  • Reinstatement supervision
  • Asbestos clearance inspections and certification

It should be noted that with this licence safety is our highest priority and we ensure that we operate in accordance with the National codes of practice for the Safe Removal of Asbestos [NOHSC:2002(2005)] and Management and Control of Asbestos in Workplaces [NOHSC:2018(2005)] at all times

HazMat_Bagging-Asbestos HazMat_Testing HazMat_xmas-island-building

ASS_Pond ASS_Scant-Piles ASS_Trench-dewatering

Our range of services are delivered by highly qualified and industry-recognised experts, which ensures time and cost-effective management of your project. Western Environmental offer the following site assessment services:

  • Due Diligence investigation for property pre-purchase / preliminary design phase
  • Regional scale assessment and strategic planning
  • Site investigations including drilling and subcontractor management
  • Field and laboratory testing of soil, groundwater and sediments
  • Expert interpretation of field and laboratory data
  • ASS and groundwater investigation reports to satisfy environmental regulators

If ASS is identified at your site and requires management, Western Environmental can assist you with the following range of services:

  • Dewatering drawdown and impact modelling.
  • Modelling of soil and dewatering treatment requirements and contracting/treatment costs
  • Design of dewatering treatment systems for complex and high-risk projects
  • Preparation of soil and dewatering management plans
  • Client-side contractor procurement and audit of contractors
  • Soil, groundwater and dewatering compliance monitoring and testing during works
  • Preparation of Compliance Monitoring and Closure Reports
  • Regulator liaison to obtain approvals

ASS_Pond ASS_Scant-Piles ASS_Trench-dewatering

EnvMon_Monitoring EnvMon_Signage EnvMon_Testing EnvMon_Vehicle


Western Environmental are also capable of undertaking all types of environmental monitoring. We offer the following environmental monitoring and testing services:


  • Acid Sulfate Soil (ASS) testing (including treatment validation)
  • Soil and sediment contamination testing
  • Waste classification
  • Asbestos and hazardous materials testing


  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Surface water monitoring
  • Dewatering monitoring
  • Waste stream monitoring


  • Dust monitoring (TSP, PM10, PM5)
  • Air quality monitoring (particulates, airborne contaminants, aerosols)
  • Asbestos in air monitoring (workplace, para-occupational, fixed site)
  • Ground gas monitoring
  • Landfill gas monitoring

Specialist Sub-consultants

  • Radioactive materials testing (soil, air, groundwater)
  • Flora / native vegetation surveys
  • Fauna surveys
  • Noise and vibration testing



EnvMon_Monitoring EnvMon_Signage EnvMon_Testing EnvMon_Vehicle


EnvApp_Land-Development-Beginning EnvApp_Land-Development-Middle EnvApp_Melbourne-and-train EnvApp_Sydney-Construction

Western Environmental are experts in obtaining approvals and can tailor a solution to get you started, as well as help you understand the area where you operate and minimise the environmental impact of your project. Western Environmental is able to address all of the environmental requirements for your project, including:

  • Site contamination and remediation
  • Acid sulfate soils
  • Asbestos and hazardous materials survey and management
  • Asbestos removal
  • Construction dewatering and discharge
  • Surface and groundwater assessment and management
  • Dust and air quality
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Noise and vibration
  • Controlled waste and dangerous goods
  • Waste management
  • Native flora and fauna and vegetation clearance
  • Biosecurity and quarantine (dieback, weeds, pathogens and pests)
  • Aboriginal and Non-Indigenous heritage

Western Environmental also offer a range of services for the full project life-cycle, including:

  • Strategic assessment of project needs to establish approval requirements.
  • Stakeholder liaison and consultation
  • Technical environmental assessments
  • Document preparation.
  • Project support and staff training
  • Secondment into large multi-disciplinary delivery teams
  • Environmental compliance monitoring and site inspection
  • Environmental incident response
  • Compliance reporting
  • Closure reporting

EnvApp_Land-Development-Beginning EnvApp_Land-Development-Middle EnvApp_Melbourne-and-train EnvApp_Sydney-Construction

Air-Quality_Dust-Mgmt Air-Quality_Dust-Monitoring Air-Quality_Dust-Prevention

Western Environmental offers a comprehensive level of experience and technical competence in the assessment and management of ambient air quality and occupational air quality in Australia. All sampling and analysis is undertaken in accordance with relevant legislation and guidance documents including: National Environment (Ambient Air Quality) Measure (2003), Australian Standards, USEPA, NOHSC, WorkSafe, OSHA and NIOSH.

Our air quality assessment and management capabilities include the following.

  • Indoor air quality assessments
  • Occupational air quality assessments (industrial, construction)
  • Development of Dust and Air Quality Management Plans (DAQMP)
  • Design and Implementation of air quality monitoring programmes
  • Project management and data provision services
  • Innovative real-time telemetry based monitoring solutions for remote and high-risk applications
  • Powered and protected enclosures and siting of equipment.

With an extensive range of monitoring instruments, data capture and transmission equipment owned, calibrated and maintained in-house, Western Environmental can deliver the following monitoring capabilities:

  • Occupational hygiene (asbestos, respirable dust, fumes, contaminates)
  • Dust (TSP, PM1, PM5, PM10)
  • Diesel and petrol exhaust products (CO, CO2, NO, NO­2, SO2, DPM)
  • Confined space (CH4, H2S, CO, O2)
  • Landfill gas
  • Vapour intrusion (solvents, hydrocarbons and VOCs)
  • Ambient air quality
  • Meteorological data

Air-Quality_Dust-Mgmt Air-Quality_Dust-Monitoring Air-Quality_Dust-Prevention

PFAS_Source PFAS_Source2 PFAS_Source3

Per- and Poly Fluoro Alkyl Substances (PFAS) are a group of emerging contaminants which have gained significant media and public attention in recent history due to their widespread use and potential risks to human health and the environment. Predominantly found in Aqueous Film Forming Foams (AFFF) which have seen high intensity use on defence, airport and fire-fighting sites, PFAS are also used extensively in the manufacturing and industrial sectors, and may also be found at landfills and within industrial estates.

These compounds persist for an extended period without degrading, are highly mobile, and bioaccumulate; making them exceptionally difficult to remove from the environment. The PFAS assessment and management guidelines are constantly changing as new data becomes available. Effective treatment and remediation technologies are not yet available in the market, due to the emerging nature of these contaminants and pace of industry response. As such, there are very few industry experts with enough experience to undertake site assessment and management/remediation, and provide strategic advice to assist proponents to successfully navigate this issue on their project.

Western Environmental has been very active in the assessment and management of PFAS over many years, and are considered PFAS subject matter experts. Having worked on several major and high-profile projects where PFAS is the primary contaminant of concern, and being responsible for environmental management of construction projects where PFAS occurs, Western Environmental can offer the following high quality, industry-leading services:

  • Preparation of PFAS specific Sampling, Analysis and Quality Plans, including site-specific sampling methodologies for soil, sediment, water, and biota.
  • Detailed PFAS conceptual site modelling
  • Field data collection and sampling programmes in accordance with industry best practice
  • Analytical laboratory selection, procurement and quality control data assessment
  • Preparation of Detailed Site Investigation Reports
  • Tier 3 Quantitative human and ecological risk assessment
  • PFAS Remedial Action Plans
  • PFAS Construction Environmental Management Plans
  • PFAS Dewatering Management Plans
  • PFAS Spoil Management Plans
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of PFAS disposal options
  • Compliance monitoring for PFAS during works
  • Post-works PFAS Closure Reporting

In addition to the above, Western Environmental also engages in independent research and development relating to PFAS, and is currently the lead consultant in a national consortium undertaking field scale trials for several proprietary PFAS soil and groundwater treatment technologies.

PFAS_Source PFAS_Source2 PFAS_Source3